Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Creativity through and with eLearning

Derek Wenmoth

After re-checking the flyer this morning I was surprised and excited when I googled 'Derek Wenmoth' and his photo came up because the last time I saw him was at ULEARN09 and he was totally inspirational.

Good things don't change. He firstly talked about 'MUNTED' - a new word lexicon from (post earthquake) Christchurch because schools are in ruin are needing to find creative ways to work collaboratively. He said that people were asking when was it going to get "Back to normal?"

The education system has become complacent on a global scale. Is it human nature to become complacent? And unfortunately we need a catastrophe to think outside of the box; to actually get off our butts and make real change. So with Christchurch's example - let's make a "new normal". Let's turn the whole system upsidedown on itself - how cool would that be?

'Stable state thinking' when this is done, we can do this... I am a shocker at this! But mostly when cleaning the house... but seriously, do we need to wait for an earthquake before we act?

Woah, interesting fact: 6 year olds don't know the world without youtube. I love youtube. My daughter Eva asked me the other day where hippos sleep? We had a look on youtube and sure enough we hit the jack pot! It is so powerful for those 'just in time' learning instances. Another example was when I needed to go somewhere formal and needed to tie a tie. Yip, youtube showed me how to do that too. Who needs a dad huh?

So this split school idea got me thinking: What if school did start earlier? Why do we start at 9am? In Guatemala they start at 7am and finish at lunch time. Imagine being home by lunch... hmmm. When am I freshest? When are kids at their freshest? It seems that school is just an institution that needs to fit within the work day. Why do we need to be complacent about these things? Any teacher will tell you it's much more difficult to 'teach' in the afternoon than it is in the morning... why do you think numeracy and literacy is in the morning?

This continuum was interesting. The different stages of the use of ICT in schools:
Addition (computers at the back of the classroom), Incorporation (all at a laptop), Integration (books, computers both together) Assimilation Phase (taking computer outside of the classroom - spontaneous).

How can I better to be within the 'Assimilation Phase' in my classroom? What learning theories do I hold that fit in and are evident in ICT and my practice?

Kindergaten blogs for portfolios. Awesome. How would these track over a lifetime?

2 things: the cloud and mobile/wireless.

Teaching and Learning as Inquiry:
Learn, Create, Share.
Ubiquity, Personalised, Collaboration.

GCSN: google this it is a resource database.

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