Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New ideas (well used ideas) just new in my space...

Well, today I was lucky to have 1.5 hours release; 1/2 and hour was for SLC's (which were so awesome by the way) so that gave me an hour to get my head around a few things. One of which was writing. I was trying so hard to find ways to incorporate it into my program and was just coming up with nada. Ni mierda.

Anyways I had a brain wave to incorporate it into our Inquiry because I want the kids to 'explain' why seasons, day/night, moon orbit, occur. So day one was to look at explaining shadows. It was a great start but there are so many misconceptions about earth science that it is going to be a challenging challenge.

Also, last night my wonderful partner helped me talk through some of the other learning areas like reading, maths and inquiry. Thanks babe.

Keep on keepin on Nic because it just seems to be getting busier at RSS but I love it!

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