Monday, April 4, 2011

Bill MacIntyre - Science PD

What are the fundamental skills about Planet Earth and Beyond?
- Light, shadows, sun
- Models; what do they represent? We are modeling this and that because it represents this...
- Time: "time is just a place" in rotation or during the year.
- Size: scale, spacial awareness.
- Gravity
- Perspective.

Tasks: size of the solar system down russell street and the distances from the sun to the planets.

Wow, talking about this brings back many memories about Teachers College. I am smiling because I remember 'measuring the moon from the sun' at The Fitz with Jade and Sam whilst having a few beers. Cool, I am looking forward to getting my kids into this. I hope I can hook in my challenging kids.

Things to follow up:
13 Lunar months in Tonga
7 Sisters/Matariki what culture is there masculine?
Black Holes - go away and do some research and come back and model your understanding for me.

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Mark Herring said...

Hey Nick! Great memories, those. I remember Bill and what we learnt in his classes all too often! - self assessment, inquir learning, success criteria? So much good style was modelled to us.

He was, I think, a bit of a mover and shaker of that campus - I took 2 of his papers as an option just because he was teaching them, I liked his style so much.

Watching you inquiry below with interest. I like the 'non deficit' approach your cluster is taking, too. Respect.