Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chris Braid writing staff seminar Chris Braid writing staff seminar

Mini Lessons:
They are awesome and can be done at any time and any stage of a unit. Keep short and sharp and kids may use what they have learned in the mini lesson or not. Stay away from lectures!

I have had a go at these with great success! E.g. Headlines, silent letters.


Identify leaning needs from Literacy Progressions:

Lexical Chain: Words that appear in different parts of the text that builds coherency. Rome... capital... city...

Also a pronoun reference: pronouns like 'they, them, it, you... etc.' need to be taught in a mini lesson. For example, tell children to highlight all pronouns then get them to ask themselves who is the 'it' talking about? Is it the Queen's Pajamas?

I need to let my children in term 4 make decisions about the text type that they want to.

Summary: keep looking at the 'By the end of Year 6' page and focus on one per term. Or until I feel confident to use them all together, dynamically and systematically.

Look more at a range of children's work to organise mini lessons around.

Carry on trying to do mini lessons. Keep being cool, and ask a lot of questions.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Technology in Schools - supporting the 'tough kids' (special or not)

This breakout was a tough act to follow as I had just come out of the Music and multimedia breakout, which inspired me heaps!!

In this breakout she turned the lights out, which was good and bad at the same time - easy on the eyes but it put me to sleep! In no time I was yawning! But is was an extremely informative breakout challenging me to break down the walls between Ants and I and completing work. If he is completing the work in a different way (i.e. orally or onto garageband) does he have to write down the work? What good is that doing him? By forcing him to complete work am I forcing him to develop negative feelings towards learning?

So, to put my new learning into practise, I will aim to withdraw my need to get him to complete work in the traditional sense. I have also developed a garageband question track where he answers questions to do with what he is reading/watching etc. In order for this to work however, I need to spend time developing the questions and spend time teaching him how to record his answers.

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The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra

A great website to study the different parts of the orchestra!
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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Comic Life Pics

Just another way to use comic life. Pretty hard aparently but they look amazing!
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Lyn Ross' sharing metaphor... pretty cool.
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Researching the unknown - Linda Lehrke

Late... again.


Brainstorm 20. Choose 5. Find two websites for each. If there is not enough information about your topic, choose a different one.

Google: try to improve your search! Why not try the advanced search option? A potential challenge: come up with a google search that only has one hit.




How do we stop the copy and paste mentality?
The cube, the postcard.

Don't get kids to write a report because they will copy and paste.

The presentation is key in thinking outside of the square.

Going beyond the type writer: using images. Is cutting and pasting google images a big waste of equipment with your computer

Ooh make sure the image is facing towards the text so that it draws the readers attention to it!!

Youtube needs to be watch while typing out the information so that it becomes relevant!

Cool, now having a play on pages

Linda was another confident breakout leader. It was obvious she knew a lot of shit! Wicked! I have learnt a couple of really good, practical ideas also some pedagogical stuff too.

Where to from here? Refine my inquiry action-research plan for kids. Teach specific strategies to my children to organise and refine searches etc. Plan for opportunities to get chn to go further than just regurgitate information.

What teachers want?

What teachers want - Lyn Ross
9 years of her experience with ICT
Easy practical and achievable!
Not sure if I have come to the right breakout! She is telling me that I need to know how to use my laptop... dur!
Yes! Ok, there is a consolidation stage, which is liike my theme for this ulearn. Plan for ICT... tick... Practise ICT... to do...
I am so lucky at Coley STreet school that we r not starting from scratch!
Software: Photo filtre, Shit!! Cool little microphones with USB inputs on the end! Ci-tech "Easy Speak"
Comic Life Pictures (see photos) making pictures using comic life fonts.
Umagin use for blue screen shots then save it as jpeg, cut out background and place it on another photo.
Poll daddy

This was a great breakout and Lyn knows her shit. She is a PC based master so a bit of a problem with mac vs pc. Check out all of the cool stuff on her school's cluster website

Where to from here? Get into planning and using to use ict (life comiclife and or podcasts etc) this term. Keep going with inquiry wall; her thinking is the same as mine (like my inquiry wall!)

Can I use images and video to connect my learners with the content in which I am teaching?
So far, yes I am. I am using heaps of video to try and keep my learners interested.

Get back on the blogspot; garden quote.

Teachers craving attention, feeling undervalued because they are not being told enough that they r doing well so get sharing and feel valued.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ok Clothes...

Tuesday: Airoplane clothes comfy but styly. Shirt for going out later.

Wednesday: 1st day at ULEARN, jeans and a tee, shirt for later

Thursday: Shorts and a tee, dress pants and shirt for ULEARN Ball.

Friday: Jeans and tee and jersey comfy for plane ride.

Going shopping on Monday to buy new shoes, jeans, undies and a shirt.

Oosh... now I need a suitcase